Posted by on Sep 25, 2014 in Calf Chronicles

18 Reasons To Celebrate

Harvest is a time worthy of celebration. As autumn begins, the farmers market becomes awash in tantalizing color. Peppers bump up against pears and tomatoes cozy up to pumpkins. In The Fatted Calf kitchen we are celebrating the harvest with bushels of fruits and vegetables to enjoy with our meaty goods. Quail are being stuffed with plump fresh figs, green beans are being pickled for a punchy pairing with pâté maison and apples are simmering down into a thick butter to enjoy alongside smoked ham and roast pork.

We are also cranking out a mountain of sausage links to enjoy with our friends at 18 Reasons. They are celebrating their 6th anniversary with an old-fashioned Barn Dance at the Bi Rite Farm in Sonoma this Saturday. There will be games and activities, dinner and dancing. Tickets are available through 18 reasons. Come celebrate the harvest with 18 Reasons and Fatted Calf!

Vintage Berkeley Deliveries Every Thursday

A big thanks to all of our loyal Berkeley customers! Some of you have been shopping with us for nearly 10 years and have watched us grow from a farmers market stand to a big meaty shop. We appreciate you sticking with us. Beginning Thursday, October 2, we will resume deliveries to Vintage Berkeley on Vine Street. Just give us a call at 707.256.3684 up until noon the Wednesday before and we will have your order waiting for you the following day.

Learn To Make Sausage with Fatted Calf at SF Cooking School

Join Fatted Calf at the San Francisco Cooking School for a master class on sausage making. We’ll bring in some exceptional meat to work with and guide you through linked, coiled, and smoked sausages.

You will get comfortable using a variety of meats, with different grinding techniques, working with casings, and using several cooking methods. After getting your hands in every aspect of sausage making, you’ll sit down for dinner to taste some of Fatted Calf’s favorite sausages paired with wine, of course. In addition to eating it in class each student will take home approximately 5 pounds of sausage.