Fatted Calf Love Fest

Posted by on Feb 10, 2018 in Calf Chronicles


Valentine’s Day is just around the the corner. While we generally eschew its sappy rituals, we whole heartedly endorse its mega message of love. There are many ways to celebrate and express love but being a bit one track minded in this department we often find ourselves in the kitchen, expressing our love by cooking up feasts great and small.

This Valentine’s Day, forget the box of chocolates and go for the quail stuffed with boudin blanc for that intimate dinner for two. Want to show all your friends how much you care? Fire up your grill, throw a love fest and treat all of your favorite people to a feast of your favorite sausages and chops. Need something special to win over a certain someone? Perhaps a bite of decadent port infused foie gras torchon will do the trick. From porchetta to pâté maison, we have just the thing to help you win the heart of the one you want. Be sure to throw in a pack of bacon, too. Who knows? If all goes well you may be wanting breakfast in bed.

This Valentine’s day open your kitchen, open your heart and feed the ones you love!