Maybe Tonight?

Posted by on Jun 26, 2014 in Calf Chronicles

Is tonight the night? The signs of summer feel full of promise. The air is warm and drenched in a heady scent. You’ve been disappointed before, led astray by desire that failed to satisfy. It is a leap of faith to open yourself anew. But you are wiser and this is a new beginning, a new season. This one feels right. Tonight is the night for the joining of tomato and bacon for the year’s first B.L.T.

The Early Girls are ruby red and slightly yielding. The bacon, freshly smoked and cut just this side of thick, crisps slowly in the pan. The magic of whisking together egg yolk, lemon and oil into a creamy mayonnaise never fails to delight. You spread a generous layer on lightly toasted bread. Sprightly lettuce holds the hot strips and fat slices aloft. The steps are simple and unfold from sense memory but the reward is divine, a thing of beauty. You need nothing more than this B.L.T. tonight.