Pork Of July

Posted by on Jul 2, 2014 in Calf Chronicles

Pasture-raised heritage pigs embody the American spirit. They are tenacious, hearty and lively. These freedom loving hogs exercise their rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the great outdoors where they can roam and root, unfettered. These are no cookie cutter, CAFO pigs. They are individualistic. Each breed is unique and while most can trace their ancestry back across the pond, in our melting pot (or on our barbeque) these pigs are all American.

Spirals of Basque, links of Toulouse, and porcini mushroom crepinettes all owe their succulence to the delicious heritage pig. Juicy pork spare ribs, spice rubbed and ready to smoke are a traditional Fourth of July treat. Free-thinking, heritage pork-adoring Americans know that the pork country rib roast, stuffed with capers, fennel pollen, and chile flake is groovy when slow-roasted on the grill. Strips of meaty, Fatted Calf bacon make every burger better. At The Fatted Calf we fully support your freedom of choice and this week choices abound, from Pork Brochettes marinated with herbes de Provence to craft beer links made with locally brewed honey saison from Almanac Brewery. Put your hard earned George Washingtons, Abraham Lincolns and Andrew Jacksons to work for a good cause, the freedom to access good, clean, humanely raised meats from small family farms for your Independence Day celebration.

Happy Pork of July!